entering the third level of dA hell
hey look another autism anon but foR FUCK'S SAKE IF I SEE ANOTHER MISREPRESENTATION OF ANY CHARACTER. matter of fact if one more person says they headcanon a character as having aspergers/autism i'm going to stick my head in a blender. IT'S NOT A FUCKING CUTE/QUIRKY CHARACTER TRAIT. FOR FUCK'S SAKE FANDOM.
Hahah sometimes I send this blog asks and I know one of the mods personally but I never say its me because I feel like I'm bothering them at work or something so I guess what I'm trying to say is somehow in my mind running this blog is associated with having a job

it’s a full time job of pressing “queue” when we get submissions

I don’t think any of us really seek out stuff on our own on dA anymore

this blog is a tired shell of its former self we’re gonna be nicklebacksondeviantart soon 

dial 1-800-save-HSODA to pledge a donation to our cause please and thank

I think scarvenrot follows you. I'm not sure, though.

not sure why it matters but


confirmed for brawl

who is mod n i thought it was just sheep and sloth and socks who is on a break

mod n was here before me or sloth or socks

you better respect their authority anon

I read all of the pages of this and HSOY.


congrats 2 u



Do not steal

The Calliope Project- Signal Boost

Hey everybody, mod Sheep here! The following message has nothing to do with Homestucksonda, I just thought it was something worth sharing.

I came across this neat little blog called The Calliope Project, it’s basically this little project that revolves around helping out depressed tumblr users (or those who are just a little low on self esteem). 

I thought it’d be cool if I could help the nice people that run the blog, since they seem like they could use a little signal boost.

Could you please delete the post below this one? The picture, obviously. That's mine. But I would appreciate it if you took it down. Thanks in advance! :)

Done and done.

This is a legit question. I've been in the Homestuck fandom for one or two years, but I still don't understand what 4chords is. Can you please explain?

4chords is a Homestuck (humanstuck) AU comic by Averyniceprince that is very very well drawn but has a very flat storyline

it’s basically just gamzee<3karkat shipping